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Have you ever changed a tire on an European vehicle and discover that there are no studs to support the wheel? All European cars don't have studs, they use bolts to bolt the tire onto the rotor. The manufacturer says that the bolt system has less chance of cross-threading and can be easily replaced with new ones. Imagine changing your flat tire on a busy highway during rush hour or installing snow tires on your vehicle in the winter. Our Wheel Hangers are designed to make changing your wheels a very simple task. By using our tool, you can align the wheel easily to put in the very first wheel bolt. This will definately save you alot of strength and your back at the very same time. Our wheel hangers also prevent damaging your wheels or hurting your toes if you loose your grip. We have sold thousands of these wheel hangers to happy customers who own vehicles from a Volkswagen to a Ferrari! This is a tool that you must have in your toolset in your garage or in the trunk of your vehicle. It works great with those large tires on those European SUVS such as BMW X5 and the Mercedes-Benz ML Class.


We supply the same wheel hangers to many dealerships who include them in the sale of a new vehicle. Todays wheels are bigger, stronger, and heavier than before. Alot of luxury european cars come standard with 19" and up wheel sizes, so the wheel hanger is a very ideal tool used for rotating wheels, changing snow tires, fixing a flat tire, or maintenance on the brakes. Our wheel hanger is ideal for Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, SAAb, Volkswagen and Volvo applications. This tool is not required for Japanese or Domestic vehicles, and will make a great gift!

All European cars should have one of our wheel hangers in their glove boxes as I'm sure you will be very glad when the time comes to replace the wheel. Because of the heavy contructions and broken glass on our city streest. The chances of your getting a flat is very high! Our tool is made of harden steel that will not break or crack when constantly used. It will fit perfectly into your rotors with ease, and will not damage the bolt holes. This tool is also useful to replace brake rotors or brake pads.


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